Thursday, 4 June 2009

Where can you get help for your exams?

If you’re not achieving the grades you want, where can you get help from?

Aside from your teachers, turning to your friends is usually a good option – two heads are better than one when working out a solution! Working with them will not only help you, but it will also help them to perfect their skills and build their confidence.

When choosing a training partner you must be careful: you need to be very mature about it. A good training partner is someone who you can work with and can stay on task. A person who cannot stay on task may encourage you to talk about other things, such as last night’s Hollyoaks!

Arrange training sessions that are 100% focussed on the task. Allow yourself breaks that are 100% relaxation.

Don’t try and mix the two.

If neither of you can do it, you can seek help from your teacher –that’s the intelligent thing to do!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Preparing for exams is like preparing for an athletic event Part 2

Preparing for exams is like preparing for an athletic event Part 2

Continuing the pole-vaulting example: whilst practising does our athlete expect to clear the bar every time?

If he does then maybe he can jump to infinity, or perhaps the bar is set too low?

If too low then he may gain confidence but will never break his own personal best!

In revision it is useful to polish techniques and make sure we can do the things we really know. BUT every time we raise the bar we have the potential for an additional mark.

It’s the extra things we can do which build grades!

Friday, 29 May 2009

Preparing for exams is like preparing for an athletic event

Preparing for exams is like preparing for an athletic event, like pole-vaulting.

You wouldn't just read a book about it; you would need to do some practice such as jumping over bars.

How many candidates enter exams without practising some questions?

This is the difference between setting yourself up for a fall and setting yourself up for a win.

Visit and improve your exam practice techniques now.

Good Luck!

Monday, 11 May 2009

Painted Picture of SAM Learning July 2012

David Jaffa, founder of SAM Learning, shares his vision for the future of SAM Learning:

Painted Picture of SAM Learning July 2012
David Jaffa, April 6, 2009
What will we look like, feel like and act like in July 2012 (coincidently the date of the London Olympics)?
Overall Vision
We are the biggest and the best provider of student driven e-learning in the world; a market leader in USA and UK and developing our third major territory.
Our services are really popular with students, improve their scores and get them through their courses quicker than anybody else’s. Our model of student driven learning excites students and enables them to take responsibility for their own learning. We help students develop skills they will use all their lives – not just learn mainstream subjects. We recognise the diversity of students’ needs.
We support an enhanced role for teachers with less drudgery and more time for real teaching. And we supply schools and local and national educational bodies with state of the art data analysis to help them deliver education of the highest quality.
We believe that if students take responsibility for their own learning, it will change the world and we are committed to being the company that makes this happen worldwide.
We are former students and educators. We are charming, successful, pioneering and smart; sometimes fun and sometimes focused but always courageous, honest and caring. Our stuff works, meaning it solves actual problems, delivers real benefits to real people and we’ve got the evidence to prove it.
Our users’ agenda comes first and we do well off the back of that. We are ‘Google’ rather than ‘Microsoft’.
People, Culture, Values and Spirit
We are passionate about changing the world through new and better delivery of education online. We employ great people who are committed to our vision. We are innovators and risk takers – constantly trying new things to see if they work. We give back to others through corporate social responsibility.
We have good work-life balance and are friends outside work. We have a fantastic working environment. We travel a lot and have a global perspective. We are a great company to work for.
It’s not about telling people what to do. We hire smart, motivated people who get things done. The culture of the organisation drives innovation, change and growth.
The company is there to support our culture and provide clear vision.
Innovation is the key to being a market leader. We seek out ideas from users and borrow ideas from competitors but also develop areas nobody else is thinking about.
We partner with customers and companies that share our vision and values.
Measuring and Monitoring Growth
We monitor the impact on students’ achievement, the number of schools and students using our services and how much they use them. We are constantly trying to improve.
We are multiple award winners on both sides of the Atlantic and frequently featured in the press and media. Our website has many tie-ups with celebrities and major consumer brands. In the last year we met Bill Gates, Education Ministers on both sides of the Atlantic and appeared on Oprah.
There are a lot of advantages of scale in our commercial model, so we are very profitable but plough a lot back in to drive innovation and growth. We leverage large numbers of people in our user base and elsewhere to help us succeed. Rewards are shared with staff. We have unusual perks.
We are open – especially about problems. We spend a lot of time with customers understanding and responding to their needs. We listen more than we talk.
Customer Service
We are friendly and we do what we say we will. We under-promise and over deliver.
We use third party business systems wherever possible so our product development effort is concentrated on the stuff we can’t buy from anyone else. We actively seek out the best business practices that have worked elsewhere rather than try to re-invent the wheel. We use technology accelerators to move us forward faster.
Mentor Board of Advisors
Our non-exec board includes some of the top business and finance brains that are helping prepare the company to float its shares on the stock market (IPO).
We regularly meet with top educationalists and key customers to get their feedback and guidance on what we should do next and what we need to do better.
We are proud of each other and the success we’ve achieved, but even more proud of the success of our students.

Friday, 8 May 2009

SAM Learning Says Hello!

SAM Learning has joined the world of social networking to provide students with free revision tips and advice.

You can still find all the materials you need to improve your exam results at

But now you can also follow us on: